Apply For Singapore's Top SEO Affiliate Program

Globital Singapore offers a cutting edge affiliate program. If you are interested in participating in our affiliate program, please fill out the form to apply.


This is a wholesale program and your prospects are agencies who want to or are already selling SEO, PPC, Copywriting, Web Design or any of the other digital marketing services that we specialise in as a service to their clients. Our affiliates do not promote these services as a retail product but rather promote our wholesale digital marketing platform to businesses who can benefit from our support and infrastructure.


Our commission structure is extremely generous and we would love to hear from you if you believe you can promote our platform professionally and successfully. We only accept affiliates who meet minimum industry standards and are driven to succeed. If this sounds like you, please apply and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

Why Our SEO Affiliate Program is The Best Available Today

Recurring Monthly Commissions
Most of our products are services which are invoiced on a monthly cycle. Given this is the nature of the business, we reward you with commissions on sales, on a recurring monthly basis. So every sale you make gives you a monthly pay rise. In other words, you get additional commission every month.
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Affiliate Opportunity

You Get Three Opportunities To Build Your Income

You receive a direct commission from every invoice we send to the agencies you introduce for us. So the more agencies you introduce, the more we will invoice and the more commission you will earn. Your commissions are a direct proportion of the amount of business you build and effort you put in.

the agencies you introduce to us are businesses too. They need to grow and want to become more successful just as you do. Once you have introduced them to us and as they build their businesses and win new clients, they will feed those clients into our platform. You will earn more commissions based on their growth and successes, helping you become more successful with absolutely no additional effort.

Our commission structure has been designed to go down two levels. This means if you introduce other affiliates who successfully introduce agencies into our system, you also earn commissions on their introductions.

For example, an affiliate you introduce may bring on 10 design companies who each bring on 10 SEO clients. If this happens, from that one simple initial introduction, you will be receiving monthly commissions on 100 retail SEO clients. One of the real benefits to this is that agencies that love our system tend to know other agencies in the industry. So as they have success in our system, they automatically refer our system on to their contacts in the industry. When this happens (a reseller becomes an affiliate) you may not even know about these on-referrals, yet we will track them and reward you with monthly recurring commissions as you made the original introduction.